The 90th Textile Institute World Conference

25th – 28th April 2016 | Poznan, Poland


Poznan Lawica Airport 

Click here to access a map on how to get from the airport to IBB Andesia Hotel.

After arrival

Passengers are taken to the arrival hall by airport bus or go by foot. Passengers arriving from the Schengen Zone don’t go through document control. Passengers arriving from outside the Schengen Zone go through document control in the Non-Schengen part of the arrival hall.
Collecting registered luggage: the information on which conveyor belt luggage from a given flight appears is displayed on the monitors in the luggage claim hall. After collecting luggage passengers go to the “NOTHING TO DECLARE” exit unless they have goods that exceed passenger tariff allowance. In other case passengers must go to the “GOODS TO DECLARE” desk.
Import of foreign exchange values and domestic legal tenders that exceed the total amount of EUR 10 000 must be reported in a written form. Import of intoxicants, banned items, items that pose a danger to people, animals and plants and items that endanger the security and public order – are forbidden and a breach of customs duty regulations and visa regulations entails penal and fiscal liability.

In case of lost registered luggage, a passenger should report to the Lost Luggage office run by handling agent that act on behalf of the carrier.

WELCOME Airport Services

phone: +48 697015801


The Lost Luggage office run by WELCOME Airport Services is located in the public part of the arrival hall.

More information here:



How to get to the city centre?

From Poznan Lawica Airport


Public transport

Poznan Airport is well-connected with the city center by public transport. There are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal and in its close vicinity. Currently, three bus lines run between the airport and city center, one of which – L – is an express line connecting the airport with the main train station.


à Express line L



From the last bus stop “DWORZEC GŁÓWNY” Bus-Line L (red arrow in the map) to the Hotel IBB Andersia (green arrow in the map) you must walk around 15 minutes.

Please check this link with possible routes:

Apart from the express line, the airport is connected with the city by two regular bus lines which start and finish at Kaponiera Roundabout (directly in the city center, close to the main train station). The first one is line 59 with the bus stop right in front of the arrival hall (new T3 terminal).


  • Line 59


  • Line 48

The second bus connection to the city centre is provided by line 48. Its nearest stop is located at Wyszeborska Street about 200m south of the passenger terminal.



Public transport tickets

Public transport tickets are available at the new stands both in the arrival hall (in T3 terminal) and in the departure hall (in T2 terminal), as well as in the ticket booth located at the bus stop in front of the departure hall.

In all express buses L and in some lines 59 and 48, ticket vending machines are available. Stickers at the bus entrance inform about a possibility of an on-board ticket purchase. Ticket vending machines accept 10gr, 20gr, 50gr, 1zl, 2zl and 5zl-coins (the machine gives change).

There is also a possibility of purchasing a ticket through a mobile phone by CallPay system, moBILET, mPay or SkyCash.

It takes around 30 minutes (13 bus stops) to get from the airport to the city centre.

Bus stop location (direction: Rondo Kaponiera – city centre)

Bus stop location (direction: Poznan Airport)

If you travel from the Airport Lawica by bus lines  59 or 48 from the last bus stop “Rondo Kaponiera”

You can walk from the Zeylanda Street to Hotel IBB Andersia (about 15-20 minutes) or you can take a tram 27 or 6.

If you prefer walking:

If you prefer taking a tram:

You have to walk to the tram stop BAŁTYK (red arrow in the map) and take the tram nr 27 (DĘBIEC direction) or tram nr 6 (MILOSTOWO direction) in the both cases you have to get off the tram in the PÓŁWIEJSKA tram stop (4 stop from the BALTYK stop), then you are near the IBB Andersia Hotel (orange arrow in the map).


Right in front of T3 terminal (arrival hall) you may find a 24/7 taxi stand.

This is the best way to get from the airport to the hotels and the conference venue. It costs about 10 EUR.




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