The 90th Textile Institute World Conference

25th – 28th April 2016 | Poznan, Poland

Call for abstract papers – IS NOW CLOSED.

Submission requirements to complete full papers, please click here.

The 90th Textile Institute World Conference, hosted by the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants (INF&MP), will aim to establish international interdisciplinary cooperation in various fields of science, research and economy that are linked by textile technology in its broad meaning. The theme has resulted from the strong position of textiles in the human ambient environment. Textiles are present in all aspects of everyday life.

Abstracts are now invited for both Oral and Poster presentation. Research and implementations should cover current investigations which look to future trends and visions in all possible textile applications.

Main Topics:
Innovation for natural fibres
Environmentally friendly polymer materials for textile application
Sustainable textile technologies, including recycling
Modelling and simulation of textile product
Functional textiles, including sport, protective, cosmetic and smart textiles
Medical textiles
Dyeing and finishing technologies
Technical Textiles and composites
Design, Fashion and Retail
Textile factory of the future
Education and Training

The abstract should include the research aim or problem, a short description of the research background and methodology, and the key results or findings. The abstract must be written in English. Title of the abstract should be in CAPITAL LETTERS, with a maximum length of two lines. The name of the presenting author should be marked with an *asterisk. It is the author’s responsibility to submit correct abstracts (spelling, grammar, scientific facts and accuracy). Do not include any graphic material, DO include keywords.

Abstracts will be evaluated by the Programme Committee and the Conference Chair. A number of abstracts will be selected for Oral or Poster presentations in the context of the sessions.

Titles for proposed papers, with a 200 word abstract, should be submitted no later than 13 September 2015. Submissions received after this date will not be given primary consideration. Papers will be accepted from the author(s) on the basis of attending the conference at the appropriate delegate rate.


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