The 91st Textile Institute World Conference

23rd – 26th July 2018 | Leeds, UK

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for The 91st Textile World Conference 2018 


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The Textile Institute is delighted to announce that the School of Design at the University of Leeds will be hosting The 91st Textile Institute World Conference.


The University of Leeds was founded in 1904 and one of its original departments was the Department of Textile Industries. The Department thrived, became recognised as a leading textile centre for education and research and attracted students and visitors from all around the world. Today we still have a vibrant global alumni that is still proud to be part of the Leeds Textiles “family”. However the world changes and in 2004 the Department of Textile Industries evolved into the School of Design which continued as a focus for textiles but also embraced, and integrated art & design, and graphics and design communication into the School’s portfolio. This change has enriched the School’s textiles activities and brought a distinct flavour where there is an integration of the textile technology with art, design, fashion and graphics.


The conference theme “Integrating Design with Sustainable Technology” is focused on identifying and establishing interdisciplinary engagement in the textile manufacturing and retail industry through the various fields of technology, design, sustainability, research and economy.